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Monday, 31 January 2011

there's time for everything under the atmosphere
and off course there's a time that your black side get stronger when something good came

and there's a time you thought, that the 'something good' thing is black
but the truth it is a white
so you reject it
and it--the white-- run away from you

there's a time you'll find out that the good thing that you thought it was black, truly a black
also have a white side that can change the black side of yourself
and here comes the time you regret it

but somehow even you reject it so many times, it still on you
yes still on you, still keep coming back even you reject it
the white side always hide behind the black and wait for you to realized that it's there to help you out
still remind you that you have white not just black

Wednesday, 26 January 2011

ada udang di balik batu

do you know what lies behind a thousand rupiahs?
or do you know what lies behind a thousands words?

do you know that school give us a holiday to cheer us up on purpose so they can give something to break our mood down?

you don't know do you?

well I just figure it out this afternoon. yeah school *s-word!